Update to Red Amber List – March 2021

Following a recent meeting of the Regional Group on Specialist Medicines, there have been a number of changes/additions to the Red Amber List and a number of shared care guidelines and GP information sheets have been endorsed for use. These changes are summarised in the letter available at the link below:

Update to the Red Amber list (March 2021)

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Revised monitoring schedules for some Adult DMARD shared care guidelines

Following a period of engagement with relevant specialists regarding the NI Regional DMARD shared care guidelines in the light of COVID, some of these guidelines have been reviewed to include a relaxed monitoring schedule for specific adult patients. These have now been endorsed by the Regional Group on Specialist Medicines (see update letter).

These reviewed guidelines have been uploaded to our website and are available at the links below:

Methotrexate adult (oral)
Methotrexate adult (subcutaneous)

You may wish to familiarise yourself with these revised monitoring schedules noting specifically that:

  • The usual monitoring arrangements remain unchanged
  • Any recommendation to move to a relaxed schedule must be advised by the specialist to the GP on a patient specific basis
  • A summary of the monitoring changes can be found here

If you have any queries about this communication please contact your local interface pharmacist for specialist medicines